AGD Bank cares to grow.


Asia Green Development Bank (AGD) is a public commercial bank founded in Myanmar in 2010.

We are committed to providing high-quality financial services and products to our clients and partners.

AGD Bank delivers banking excellence through inspired and outstanding customer service and innovative products and services that meet your banking needs.

The Bank that grows with you.

The purpose of all life is development and enrichment. Every Human Being, in fact, every living thing, has an inalienable right to all the development to which it is capable.

A Human Being’s right to life implies his right to have the free and unrestricted access of all things, which may be necessary to assist him realize his fullest mental, spiritual, and physical potential. In other words, every human being has the right to be rich and enjoy everything life has to offer.

There are three major motives for our lives: We live for our body. We live for our mind. And, we live for our soul. These three constituents are, at the same time, both highly distinctive of each other, as well as highly inter-dependent from each other.

What do we stand for?

Our mission

To provide end to end tailor-made financial products and outstanding customer service by combining cutting edge technology and Myanmar hospitality. We endeavor to ‘Make Banking Easy’ by becoming part of our customers daily lives through delivering simple and agile financial products and services.

Our vision

To provide the best quality of service and to become a market leader in financial services by leveraging innovative technologies.

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Our values


We are committed and determined to lead the banking field in every product and service we offer to our customers. We will provide innovative solutions, not only offering them what is available today but anticipating their needs for the future.


We treat our customers, staff and community with the utmost respect both as individuals for their ideas and future they represent. We see employee development as a necessity and therefore recognise and reward outstanding performance.


We are committed to working within the rules, set by our regulators and own high standards. We always act transparently in all our dealings and relationships, both internally and externally.



Our Vision is to provide the vitally important banking infrastructure that will make a lasting and sustainable impact on this future, building the economic foundations of a progressive Myanmar.


We are committed to high performance, teamwork and ensure accountability by ensuring that AGD is the trusted source of efficiency, strength,and security.


Our Commitments to Customers

Providing you with the right solutions

We will always carefully study our customers’ specific needs and wants in order to provide them with the best solution. We aim to give our customers knowledgeable guidance to make their every tomorrow better.

Fair dealing

We believe that in order to be a successful bank, our ability to build sustainable relationships with our customers is crucial. We treat our customers with respect, honesty and will always deal with them in a fair, humble and professional manner.

Being there for you whenever and wherever possible

We are dedicated to being there for you and to work hand-in-hand at anytime. Whether it is to celebrate your achievements or to work with you towards a more progressive future, we will always be close to you.

Getting to know you personally

We will anticipate and understand your needs by trying to understand what matters to you most in order to deliver personalised experiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

AGD Bank's commitment to sustainability and green development is reflected in our corporate name and identity. We actively initiate and participate in activities that contribute to a greener future for Myanmar.

We strive to provide essential services to underprivileged communities that need assistance. We are proud to invest time and effort in building a better future for all. 


Awards & Achievements

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