Business Debit/Pre-paid Cards

By using AGD secured banking cards, you can manage your cash easily.

It is convenient and safe as you don’t have to carry cash.

Payments can be made at both national and international shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other places where the individual card payment scheme is accepted.

If you need cash, you can use ATMs across the world to get the cash.

Online shopping is part of our daily life and having an AGD card can help to fulfil it.

When you open current account or savings account, our customer service can help to get a card account.

For a company account, the following are required:

  • Company Letters
  • Meeting Decision Documents

Apply at any branch or at participating outlets.

Ask AGD representative for more information at 09-493-45111 or 09-254-612211.

Card Types: Standard, Designer, Platinum ...
Card Types: Standard, Designer, Platinum ...
Card Types: Travel / Student / Generic / Business / Ecommerce ...