AGD Bank cares to grow.

Savings Account

Grow your savings without limiting your cash flow with our AGD Business Savings Account, which gives you access to a range of banking conveniences. 

You can save whatever and whenever you want and earn up to 6% interest per annum, and you can withdraw any amount every 3 months.

With an initial deposit and balance of just 1,000 Kyats and, if you keep a balance of at least 1,000 Kyats, you get a personal debit card. This allows you easy and instant access to your money, either at an ATM or by using it to buy or pay for services online. 

AGD account to account transfer, Remittance charges will be free and SMS charges 25 Kyaut will be collected. For the Remittance via bank,  Remittance charges 0.05% and SMS charges 25 Kyats will be collected.

You will also have access to any of our 77 branches and benefit from 24/7 customer service 

Documents required 

For Sole Proprietorship/ Partnership

  • Identification documents (NRC / Passport) of the beneficial owners
  • Business License
Company Limited
  • Company registration documents
  • Form E, Form 6, Form 26
  • Identification documents (NRC / Passport) of the beneficial owners
  • Memorandum of Association / Article of Association (in case of Pvt. Ltd)
  • Meeting Minutes with Company Letter Head
  • Bank Account Application Letter with Company Letter Head
  • QA 22 Form (if foreigners are included in the account operation)