The new EZYCash account offers the convenience of unrestricted cash withdrawals (up to the amount of cash deposited) and lets you earn interest up to 8% p.a on daily balance maintained, along with host of other benefits.


  • Initial deposit of MMK 10,000
  • Minimum balance of MMK 1,000
  • Deposits can be made in Cash only.  Transfers, Cheque Deposits not accepted.
  • Can be opened in local currency (MMK) only.
  • Passbook/Paper statement and e-Statement as and when requested.


  • Convenience and security 
  • Interest earned on deposit calculated on daily balance. Interest payment frequency – monthly
  • Cash withdrawal limits not applicable for this account (subject to providing sufficient notice)
  • Transactions will be allowed only at the Branch where the account is maintained.

Rates and Fees

  • Interest rate - 8.00% p.a. - Balance above MMK 500 million
  • Interest rate - 7.00% p.a. - Balance MMK 50 million to 500 million
  • Interest rate - 6.00% p.a. - Balance below MMK 50 million


  • Myanmar citizen aged 18 or over (Sole or Joint account) 
  • Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Pvt. Limited companies registered in Myanmar.  

Documents Required

  • NRC Copy/Passport


  • Company registration documents
  • Identification documents (NRC / Passport) of the beneficial owners
  • Memorandum of Association / Article of Association (in case of Pvt. Ltd)
  • Partnership deed (in case of partnership company)