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Business Loan

General requirements for all types of business loan/ financing applications:

(A) Required Document List for Sole Proprietorship

1.      Up to date business license

2.      Audited Financial Statements (Recent 3 years)

3.      Receipts of Tax Revenue (Recent 3 years)

4.      Business Activity Photos

5.      Actual Monthly, Yearly Income, Purchase List (minimum 6 months) / Stock Balance

6.      Purpose of financing details (with documents)

7.      Meeting Minutes for Loan Application  (or)

(B) Required Documents List for Corporation

  Please provide documents from Section A (1 to 7). In addition,

8.     Certificate of Incorporation

9.     Import / Export License/ Business License

10.   Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

11.   Form 6 / Form 26 / Form E (Update)

Required Personal Documents
  1. Copy of NRC ID (Borrower + Guarantor)

  2. Household Registration (copy of census)

  3. Letter of Recommendation from Housing Ward Administration


*The following documents are required only if Sole Proprietorship

    4. Marriage certificate or Letter of Recommendation from Ward Administration (OR) divorce case, need to provide mutual divorce agreement + partition deed.

Required Collateral Documents
  1. Title of Registration Deed / Ownership

  2. Related requirements for this collateral (eg, Absolute Sales Contract, The Gift deed, affidavit, changing register, Special or General Power, Succession declaring deed, etc)

  3. 105 / 106 Form (minimum past 12 months) with the description of “Apply for Bank Loan”

  4. Utility expenses slip of the collateral security (minimum 1-month slip)

  5. Building Photos (all sides)

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