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Fund Transfer from Thailand

Funds can be transferred from the branches and its agent to the following institutions in Thailand: 

  • Kasikon Bank (K Bank) 
  • truemoney 

truemoney Myanmar provides a new payment solution with multiple services tailored to the needs of the community. The products are remittance, top-up and bill payment. truemoney and AGD bank have had a strong working relationship since 2016. truemoney currently uses AGD Bank's agent facilities, as well as our branches, totalling over 1,000 locations across Myanmar. Even including rural areas with no banking services.

Funds can be transferred directly to beneficiary account with AGD Bank. In addition, the beneficiary can collect the cash from any AGD Bank branches. However, the beneficiary will need to bring all necessary identification documents and MTCN to receive the payment.

No charges will be incurred by the beneficiary. The beneficiary will receive the equivalent of remitted FCY amount in MMK as per the applicable exchange rate. 


Local Remittance

International Remittance (SWIFT)