AGD Bank cares to grow.

Local Remittance

We offer the local remittance services to all of our valued customers, with the best options. You can transfer money by using AGD Branches or truemoney, who are our international partner.

Using AGD Branches

Our customers can transfer money to all of our AGD Branches throughout the country. You can also send money to the other banks listed below:

  1. KBZ Bank
  2. AYA Bank
  3. MWD Bank
  4. GTB Bank
  5. MAB Bank
  6. CB Bank
  7. CHD Bank
  8. SMIDB Bank
  9. RDB Bank
  10. INNWA Bank
  11. SHWE Bank
Remittance Charges to AGD Bank’s branches
  • The charges are defined as 0.05% of remitted amount plus 500 Kyats for using online or fax
  • The minimum remittance charges shall be 100 kyats
Remittance Charges to Non-AGD banks
  • The charges are 0.05% (or) 0.10% (or) 0.15% of the remitted amount based on the other banks defined charges
  • Plus 500 Kyats for using online or fax
  • The minimum remittance charges shall be defined by the other banks