AGD Bank successfully introduced three types of AGD Visa Credit Card for public use

September 28, 2018

AGD Bank successfully launched the AGD Visa Credit Card at the Pullman Yangon Centrepoint in Yangon on 1st August 2018 and introduced three types of AGD Visa Credit Card — Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum, for public use.

As AGD Bank is being recognized as a leading bank in Myanmar in term of using digital technology, this is a financial service,useful for AGD Bank’s valued customers in their daily lives.

AGD Visa Credit Card is


  • in use of technology to manage by making an immediate lock from mobile phone for high security of the card;
  • made in an Innovative Card Design;
  • offering Special exclusive benefits for AGD Card users; and
  • Offering Visa’s special promotion deals and other special exclusive benefits (By using at over 45 millions merchants worldwide, websites and mobile applications).


By using AGD Visa Credit Card, a Rewarding Experience will be enjoyed.


The technology for high security of the card means that if the card is lost, in protection from other people using, it can be locked through AGD Pay from mobile phone as the highest security system. In case of losing the card, it can protect from other people using the card for shopping, cash withdrawing and online-shopping by making an immediate lock on AGD Pay from mobile phone.


An Innovative Card Design means that an AGD Visa Metallic Credit Card is introduced to users of Platinum Card. It is a new rewarding experience as it uses a ‘Quick Read Design’ which is the very first appearance in Myanmar.


The card’s layout, ‘Visa Quick Read Design’ helps customers convenient in using the card.   It makes easier in online shopping because important information (card number, expired date and security number) are mentioned on the same side of the card.


“This is an international payment service in order to provide our customers a better and convenient service. We are proud for providing the AGD Visa Credit Cards that can be extensively used worldwide. In Myanmar which is moving forward on the track of development, we can now make cashless payments for our spending. That’s why we are thankful to Visa Worldwide Co. Ltd. for its cooperation,” said U Than Yi, Chairman of AGD Bank.


“It is announced in full of pride that AGD Visa Credit Card which is in appearance of an innovative design with high security system and offers exclusive benefits, is introduced to Myanmar citizens in partnership of AGD Bank and Visa Worldwide Co. Ltd. The objective of AGD Bank is to provide innovative product and services in line with the needs of users and to offer the greatest banking services for customers. By introducing AGD Visa Credit Card, we successfully achieved that objective for our shareholders, our bank, our society and our country,” said U Htoo Htet Tayza, Managing Director of AGD Bank.


Mr. Arturo Planell, Country Manager of Visa, also said, “It is honoured that AGD Bank is able to provide an integrated high-tech Visa Credit Card.” He added, “AGD Visa Credit Card is made not only in an innovative card design but also with an integrated high-tech security system. Besides, users of AGD Visa Credit Card may enjoy special benefits like other visa card users in the world. By using AGD Visa Credit Card, Myanmar people can easily and safely make electronic payments. Moreover, it is believed that this will escalate a transition from cash-based economy to digitalized economy.”


It is informed that AGD Visa Credit Card is introduced for public use in three types, namely, Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum card. For application of AGD Visa Credit Card, anyone aged 21 or above with necessary documents can visit any AGD Bank Branch (OR)  call  to    
Ph: +95 1 2399 333.


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