AGD Bank cares to grow.

Celebrating 13 Years of Customer Trust and Excellence

August 8, 2023

As AGD Bank commemorates its 13th anniversary, we proudly highlight our dedication to a sustainable future through our "grow" CSR program. This year, amidst the arid landscapes of Myanmar's central region, AGD Bank embarks on a significant initiative – planting 1,000 trees.

Nestled within the Meikhtila District, this strategic location bears immense significance for Myanmar's tropical ecosystem. Our actions echo beyond the present, nurturing a verdant tomorrow. The trees we planted, including Gum-Kino Tree, Neem Tree, Black Siris Tree, Chittagong Tree, Siamese Cassia, and Bamboo, promise benefits for generations to come.

At AGD Bank, we recognize that tree planting isn't merely a fleeting effort; it's an investment in our local environment. Planting these majestic trees creates a canopy that balances climates, moderates high temperatures, combats drought, improves water quality, and maintains soil fertility. This helps create a vibrant habitat that supports diverse species, crucial for a balanced ecosystem.

By planting trees in Myanmar's arid heart, we ignite a movement across the nation. We plant the seeds of awareness, underlining the profound advantages of tree planting – rewards that will enrich the well-being of the people and generations yet to come.

The "grow" CSR program at AGD Bank stands as a testament to our pledge to safeguard the environment and steer towards a greener tomorrow. With each tree we grow, we forge a sustainable legacy that resonates well beyond our 13th anniversary. Join us in nurturing growth and sowing the seeds of a promising future.

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