Exchange Rate
Payable Management
Payroll Service

Discover a simpler, cost-effective and efficient way of handling your payroll system with AGD.
Key features:
Reduce in-house costs.
Gives you focus on growing your business with a payroll service that grows with you.
Improve accuracy and compliance issues.
Pay your employees accurately and on time.

Supplier Payments

Our Supplier Payment Service provides you an effective way to manage your working capital, improve your Profit & Loss while strengthening your relationship with your suppliers.
Key features:
Reduced risk for you and your suppliers
Optimized working capital position.
Opportunities to benefit from trade discounts from suppliers.
Strengthened relationship with your supply chain.

Dividend Payment

Our Dividend Payment Service helps you handle your dividend distributions in a cost friendly and efficient manner so that you can better share the fruits of your success with your shareholders.

Receivables Management
Payment Collection System

Our Payment Collection System allows you to effectively collect your receivables while improving our company’s cash flow and help you gain future business opportunities.

Examples of Collection types include:
Phone bills
Utility payments
Fixed amount rentals

Product features:
Complete receivables services to reduce collection cycles and give you greater control of your assets.
Real-time access to consolidated receivables information.
Safe-keeping, tracking and clearing of receivables information.

Point of Sales

8 HP
With every swipe make your business easier for yourself and your customers.
Our Point of Sale terminals is a safe and smart option to make and receive payments via Credit or Debit cards.
Cards accepted: MPU, VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay.

Contact: +951 378599  ext:1004 or ext:1005

Liquidity Management
Cash Sweep Service

Our Cash Sweep Service can help your business efficiently allocate funds between multiple current accounts, concentrate your excess funds into a centralized account, while saving you financing costs and increasing your business potential.


Through partnership with First National Insurance, we are able to provide a full range of insurance solutions based on your specific needs.

Our Insurance solution can help you handle your employee’s claims and provide guidance and improve your company’s overall employee welfare.