A fast, easy and safe way to move your money around Myanmar and abroad! 

Local Remittance

We offer local remittance services to all of our valued customers, and we have the best options. You can transfer money securely through our AGD Branches, or truemoney, which is our international partner.

Using AGD Branches

You can transfer money to all of our AGD Branches throughout the country. As an AGD customer you can also send money to the banks listed below:

  1. KBZ Bank
  2. AYA Bank
  3. MWD Bank
  4. GTB Bank
  5. MAB Bank
  6. CB Bank
  7. CHD Bank
  8. SMIDB Bank
  9. RDB Bank
  10. INNWA Bank
  11. SHWE Bank
  12. G-Bank
Remittance Charges 

AGD A/C to AGD A/C and Cash To AGD A/C  (Any Region exclude MUSE) - 

  1. 0.02% - 100million above per transaction 
  2. 0.025% - 10million to 100million per transaction
  3. 0.05 % - under 10million 

AGD A/C to Cash (Any Region exclude MUSE)

  1. 0.025% - 100 Million above per transaction
  2. 0.03% - 10 to 100 Million above per transaction
  3. 0.05% -  under 10 million 
Remittance Charges to Non-AGD banks
  • The charges are 0.05% (or) 0.10% (or) 0.15% of the remitted amount based on the other bank's defined charges, plus 500 kyats for using online or by fax.
  • The minimum remittance charges shall be defined by the other banks.

International Remittance (SWIFT)

We can transfer the fund anywhere in the world outside Myanmar easily and securely via the Swift Payment Network. The Swift international payment network is one of the largest messaging systems in the world, which is used by 9000+ banking institutions around the world. 

Overseas Correspondent Banks

AGD Bank has been doing business with the following correspondent banks (through which remittances can be conducted to those accounts kept with AGD Bank:

1. India  
  • Punjab National Bank (PNB)
2. Thailand    
  • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
  • Other International Remittance

For more information, write to us at or call 01 239 9333 and we will get back to you.


truemoney and AGD Bank have a strong working relationship that started in 2016. truemoney currently uses AGD Bank's agent facilities, as well as our branches, totalling over 1,000 locations across Myanmar.

The advantage of Mobile Money is that agents will offer services for money transfer in rural areas where no bank branches are located. 

truemoney Myanmar provides a new payment solution with multiple services tailored to the needs of the community. The products of truemoney Myanmar are remittance, top-up and bill payment.

In addition, truemoney not only has branches in Myanmar but also in other ASEAN countries, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

For more information, write to us at or call 01 239 9333 and we will get back to you.