Savings account

This is our most popular account, and a simple way to start saving and see your money grow. You can save whenever you want and earn up to 6% interest per annum.

Personal Account

Savings Account


  • Minimum balance of MMK 1,000
  • Interest bearing account
  • EMV chip-based co-badged (MPU/UPI) debit card
  • Internet banking, mobile banking app services 
  • Passbook/Paper statement as and when requested and eStatement
  • Can be opened in local currency (MMK) only 


  • Convenience and security 
  • Interest earned on savings 
  • Access ATM and merchant outlets through POS terminals (inside and outside Myanmar) 
  • Lock and unlock the card using our mobile application (AGDPay) 
  • Any branch banking services

Rates and Fees

  • Interest rate - 6% p.a.
  • Interest payment frequency - quarterly
  • Free co-badged MPU / UPI debit card
  • Free AGD Pay registration


  • Myanmar citizen aged 18 years or over (Sole or Joint account)

Documents Required

  • NRC Copy / Passport

Children’s Savings Account (below 12 years)

Start saving for your child’s future today and see your money grow as they do.

Documents Required

  • 1x copy of applicant's birth certificate
  • 1x copy of NRC of guardian
  • 1,000 kyat initial deposit

Student Savings Account (12-17 years)

Give your children peace of mind as they study hard for their future, and open a Student Savings Account now.

Documents Required

  • 1x copy of NRC of applicant
  • 1x copy of NRC of school teacher
  • Recommendation letter from a teacher
  • 1,000 kyat initial deposit