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 AGD Visa Credit Card
  • Card security is easily managed from phone
  • Innovative Quick-Read Card design
  • Exclusive benefits

Visa Classic

Visa Gold

Visa Platinum

Card security is easily managed from phone

The Card can be easily locked by using AGD Pay
If your card is lost, you can immediately lock it from your mobile phone with AGD Pay application.

Step 1
            Step 2
 Card is locked


You may check your transactions
You will be informed through AGD Pay and SMS notification about each transaction you make in real time.


Innovative Quick-Read Card design

AGD Visa Metallic Credit Card
AGD’s Visa Metallic Credit Card has the first use of Quick-Read Design in Myanmar.

What is Visa Quick Read Layout?
Important card information (account number, expiration date and security code) in one location for easy access when the card is used for online and telephone purchases.


What you can do with AGD Visa Credit Card

Withdraw cash from ATMs displaying Visa sign

Make supplementary cards for your spouse or parents or children

No interest for 45 days

You will receive your monthly statement via email. Pay back is easily done through your local branch, AGD Pay mobile application, iBanking or Direct Debit (Auto Debit) feaure.

You may check your credit limit, credit balance and outstanding balance with AGD Pay mobile application.